“I must break you… with my blue eyes.”

Last week, we told you how Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin landed on the cover of ProSport Magazine’s December issue. Now comes the interview Ovechkin did with Alexander Lyutikov, and let’s just say it’s interesting.

In the interview, Ovechkin kvetches about Evgeny Kuzetsov’s decision to stay in Russia for the next two years. For the first time in the press, Ovechkin reveals just how strongly he opposed Kuznetsov’s choice and that he advised Kuznetsov against it. “I think he’s outgrown the KHL level,” Ovechkin said. “[He] needs to move on.”

Below, RMNB’s Fedor Fedin translates the interview.

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Alex Ovechkin’s On The Cover of ProSport Magazine

Last year as a 19-year-old, Washington Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov was chosen to be on the March cover of Russia’s most popular sports publication, ProSport Magazine. With the NHL lockout wreaking havoc to the 2012-13 season, another kinda-Capital will be gracing ProSport’s cover: two-time NHL MVP and high-fashion model Alex Ovechkin.

The December edition, which will be on sale from December 17 to January 20, 2013, features Ovi in some kind of black mumu sweater thing with the headline “Sasha, from the USA” and “Ovechkin in the KHL.” Now that’s a tease!

Thankfully, to whet our appetite until we get our hands on the latest issue, ProSport has released a somewhat erotic behind-the-scenes video of Ovechkin modeling for their photoshoot. And because I’d rather crop screenshots of Ovechkin shirtless in Photoshop than spend time with my girlfriend and ferrets, here’s some stills too!

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While the Capitals were busy looking for answers after getting flat-out embarrassed by division rival Carolina 5-0, across the globe Russia’s most popular sports magazine was preparing to remind them what’s in their future in high-quality, glossy color. 19-year-old Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov was chosen to be the cover athlete for PROsport Magazine’s March issue, which officially hit the newsstands on Monday.

Kuznetsov, who can be seen gazing back vulnerably at the reader, is wrapped in both a fashionable wool hat and tan scarf in the artistic cover. The publication also did a feature story on Zhenya to go along with the photos and described it as such:

At the age of 19, [Kuznetsov] became the brightest of the KHL’s new stars. Many think that he will put on a show in another league, but guys from the ChTZ District are never in a hurry and don’t ask anyone for anything. They just come and take what’s theirs.

In the accompany article, Kuznetsov reveals that he’d continue playing hockey in Russia if a team offered him a 10-year deal. He also says that, “I talked with Washington this season, now there is a pause. Tractor has made an offer, but I’m still waiting.” Fun.

Below the jump, check out a humorous behind-the-scenes video of Kuznetsov’s shoot, and the photos inside of PROsport’s March issue.

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