NHL Sigil Banners: Now Available In Print Form


About two weeks ago, I posted my illustration of medieval fantasy-inspired heraldry banners for each NHL team. Little did I know that the post would go viral, getting picked up on The Hockey News, TSN, and USA Today. I had a lot of people ask about posters. Well, they’re now available!

You can get them in two sizes: 12″ x 18″, and a HUMONGOUS BIG 24″ x 36″ Both are available in my Etsy shop (along with other kinds of art prints!!) The posters are printed on nice, thick, heavy-duty paper. They’re waaaaay nicer than any kind of poster you’d find in a retail shop.

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Game of Thrones-Style Sigils for Every NHL Team


RMNB resident illustrator Rachel Cohen is a very talented, very busy little bee. Inspired by Game of the Thrones, which has totally gone off the rails btw, Rachel has crafted medieval sigils for all thirty NHL teams.

Black bear on a field of gold? That’s house Boston. Winged leaf on a field of blue? That’s house Winnipeg, who were exiled from their ancestral home in Atlanta just like the Manderlys.

All 30 below the jump. Bravo, Rachel. Go read her tumblr, which is full of feels.

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RMNB Wishes All Its Readers Happy Holidays!


Not a creature is stirring in our little corner of the blogosphere that doesn’t wish you and yours a happy holiday. Have a good one and we’ll see you back here in a couple days.

(P.S. tweet us your Caps-themed Christmas presents so we can be jealous.)

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Boston Bruins Pregame: Last Ride (PuckBuddys Preview)


Illustration by Rachel Cohen

[Ed. note: Jason Rogers offers his final pregamer of the year. Follow @PuckBuddys if you dare.]

As Boston’s Samuel Adams proclaimed to the city as he read the first draft of the Declaration of Independence from Independence Hall: “King George is a fah-kin’ bastahd, Go Sawx.” And thus from these auspicious beginnings bloomed the blue-collarest, working-classiest, chowdah-guzzlingest town in the country. Boston is a city that spurns academia in favor of arm wrestling, subtlety in favor of soup, and charisma in favor of crème pies. On Saturday, the Goon Squad known as the Bruins lurches into DC like a particularly undeveloped ape.

Last game of the season, folks; let’s go for one more ride. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day from RMNB

It’s February 14. It’s not just some random day that the Hallmark corporation picked out of hat so they could sell greeting cards. It’s actually the Christian co-opting of a pagan festival all about horny werewolves and blood and copulation and cool stuff like that. Now, instead of lycanthropes and sex, you spend 30 dollars on roses that will wither tomorrow.

If you’re in a relationship, prepare to disappoint your significant other. If you’re not in a relationship, revel in your solitary despair.

(I’m single, by the way.)

Behind the jump is a lovely and full-sized picture by Rachel Cohen, featuring Dmitry Orlov, who scored last night and is handsome enough to probably do the same today. Also a video.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Pregame: #renamePittsburgh

It’s time for your Puck Buddys pregame! Follow @PuckBuddys and adopt a dog.

The Pregame: Cartoonist Bill Griffith, who just this week turned 68, sees the overlooked and forgotten corners of America with blinding precision. We were reminded of this recently as we took a drive through portions of Pennsyltucky – clearly where the phrase “fat of the land” has great meaning – and its meth-addled capital, Pittsburgh. Or, borrowing from Zippy’s creator, Dingburg.

Previously we anointed Pittsburgh as the Epicenter of Suck. Following our travels, we can confidently proclaim that it has become, in fact, the Pinhead Center of the Universe. The gangrenous, foul-smelling trash pile of contemporary civilization. The trucker-stop, Thunderbird-guzzling, used baby diaper of cities. Imagine if Paul Verhoeven remade “Showgirls” today with the same cast and you’ve got Pittsburgh, only with less sexy and more elastic waistbands. It’s exactly that awful.

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RMNB Readers Present Their Caps Christmas Cards

We issued a challenge, oh faithful users of the Russian Machine, to create Caps-themed Christmas cards. The only rule: use an inferior graphics program or blingee.com to make it.

What we avoided telling you — just like my parents who took 14 years to come clean to me about the whole Santa thing (he IS real) — was that we didn’t have to follow the same rules. Above, is our holiday card by RMNB’s house illustrator, Rachel Cohen.

Meanwhile, you guys rocked this assignment harder than a Dmitry Orlov hip check. Though, to be honest, some of these submissions might land you on Santa’s naughty list once I post this. I apologize beforehand. Cruise on past the jump to check out the gallery and see what I mean.

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Sasha Cares so Much… He Became a Care Bear

When I’m not illustrating, I sew things! Lots of my sewing work is costuming, but I sometimes make “normal” clothing and– most recently– plushies.

After I drew the design for the Alexander Semin “Sasha Cares” t-shirt, my mother gave me an excellent idea: “Why don’t you sew a real one?”

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RMNB Hearts Captain America!

Fanboys, today is the day of days. Marvel Studios’ Captain America film will debut at midnight tonight. You know I’ll be there.

Sneaking some Junior Mints in my cargo shorts cause ain’t no way I’m paying $8.50 for Junior Mints.


But because the memory of the hockey season has not yet faded, we had to find some way to tie this back to the Washington Capitals. Can you guess what we came up with?

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