Merry Christmas from Russian Machine Never Breaks

No matter what you believe in, have a lovely weekend. On behalf of Neil, Ian, Rachel, and the extended RMNB/SHOE family, I wish you peace on Earth and goodwill towards men. Except on the ice. There we’d prefer wanton violence and arbitrary hatred to reign.


And now… the Machinist.

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You’re a Wizard, Ovi!

To commemorate the death of Voldemort, here is Alex Ovechkin/Harry Potter, as drawn by RMNB’s artist-in-residence, Rachel Cohen.

Alex Ovechkin is a wizard


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Rachel Cohen’s Illuminated Take on Caps vs Devils


[Ed. note: Russian Machine Never Breaks’ resident artist, Rachel Cohen, attended last night’s home opener against the Devils. Here is her recap of that eventful game, doodles and all.]

Opening games seem, in my opinion, to be among the most exciting games of the year. But of all the opening nights I’ve been to, last night’s Devils-Caps game one has to be the #1 most exciting. Decked from head to toe in red (literally: I was wearing a wig), I entered Verizon Center for the first time since March; eager to see my Caps play again. And play they did!

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Your Stories from Caps Convention

Alex Ovechkin laughing at Caps Convention

Photo by our very own Kyle Mace.

Saturday’s Caps Convention featured appearances from all sorts of celebrities in the Caps universe. Neil Greenberg’s photos testify to that. But there’s all kinds of gritty, street-level stories that the plutocratic inner circle of RMNB could not see from our rarefied heights. That’s why we asked you, the huddled masses, to share your experiences. Thanks for your participation, everyone. Your fictional check is in the fake mail.

Follow us past the jump to get the scoop on:  D.J. King’s prize fighting techniques, Caps vs. kids, Semin vs. Ovie in a giant vat of pudding (Yeah, I dunno either), Mike Green’s chivalry, Alzner’s short shorts, Rachel Cohen’s superb Ovie poster, Neuvi bored, and a heckuva lot more.

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Rachel Cohen Draws Alex Ovechkin as the Russian Machine!

Pen and Ink of Alex Ovechkin by Rachel Kat Cohen

Posting fan art is one of our favorite features on RMNB.  It’s eminently rewarding to share the contributions of the fan community, particularly on those rare occasions when said art does not contain an illustrated Sidney Crosby getting disemboweled by Vancouver Island Marmot.  Happy we are that Rachel Cohen shared these gorgeous images of Nicklas Backstrom, Semyon Varlamov, and — the Russian Machine himself– Alexander Ovechkin.

Follow us past the jump, where we get to know Rachel and her lovely artwork.

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