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Like some other NHL teams, the Washington Capitals had their very own red carpet event today ahead of their home opener against the New Jersey Devils. I’m not sure I love the idea of treating hockey players like movie stars, as the sport’s most marketable quality is just how down-to-earth and approachable these athletes are, but, hey, it’s a limited-time deal. So I can deal.

The first person to make his way down the carpet this afternoon was The Ice Cheetah himself, Jason Chimera. After him came a lot of new suits and a lot of new looks. For instance, John Carlson debuted a man bun, as captured by our own Chris Gordon. The sweetest moment of the ceremony was when Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was walked down the carpet by perfect human being Ann Schaab and RMNB reader Priscilla.

But, Ian, who was the best and worst dressed? Who had the most ridiculous hair? I’m glad you asked.

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A playful Alex Ovechkin hit up the red carpet before tonight’s 2011 NHL SuperSkills competition and spoke briefly with NHL Network’s Heidi Androl. Heidi, who seemed preoccupied with Ovechkin’s lax wardrobe, pointed out to the Russian Machine that he was missing a tie and cufflinks. Ovechkin, beaming with pride, encouraged her to check out his cuffs saying, “Look. I didn’t even do my button.” Oh man, vintage Ovi.