Heeeey, girl. (Photos: Katie Brown)

When I think of the Winter Classic, I think of hockey, snow, and my favorite pastime returning to its roots. Monday afternoon, District Sports Page’s Katie Brown discovered newly installed advertisements at the Navy Yard Metro stop, and it appears Reebok has a much more liberal idea of what the Winter Classic means.

Featuring hockey player models Joel Ward and Marian Hossa, Reebok tells (or potentially warns) us that Winter Is Coming. We then find The Big Cheese sitting half naked in a slushy lake and hauling a giant tree up a mountain. Yes, for those of you who have always thought that the NHL needed to more closely associate itself with lumberjacks, you’ve gotten your wish.

This whole thing is strange and odd, especially considering the players they chose to feature.

Anyways, below are all of Katie’s shots. Follow her here. They are a wonder AND a delight.

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Alex Ovechkin Signs Six-Year Deal with Bauer

Ovi sports his new gear. Click to enlarge. (Photo credit: Bauer)

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

The world’s most famous hockey player has got some new gear. After dropping CCM over the summer, Alex Ovechkin unveiled a new six-year sponsorship with rival manufacturer Bauer, whose equipment Ovi used for the first three years of his career. This is Ovechkin’s second new sponsorship of the week after news of his long-term deal with superpower Nike for “lifestyle” and “performance” products surfaced on Thursday night.

“I think that CCM treat me well,” Ovechkin told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “They help me a lot and without that project I can’t score 65 goals. But in that kind of moment and that kind of situation right now, I feel that Bauer is company who I’m looking forward to work with. I played with this stick a couple years ago and I like it.”

The move doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. With Ovi’s ditching CCM — and therefore their parent company Reebok — that left Bauer as the only company with the cash to pickup a superstar endorsement.

The move was also teased on Bauer’s Web site over the holiday weekend, with their home page sporting a picture of skates with the Great Eight’s trademark yellow laces and the banner “This year will be different.”

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Since every Alex Ovechkin commercial deserves an Emmy, here is Ovi’s follow-up to his first Reebok ZigTech commercial.

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