Photo: Friends In Cold Places

TJ Oshie shares the Caps’ lead in postseason goals (5) with Alex Ovechkin. Some may say Oshie’s improved finishing ability is due to hard work or being more clutch. I think it’s due to his new pregame ritual.

Let me explain.

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Caps starting goaltender Braden Holtby left practice early on Tuesday after colliding with a teammate, setting off widespread internet panic. Barry Trotz later said Holtby, who had been seen favoring his left leg, was fine.

We got further confirmation of this fact from CSN Mid-Atlantic when they published video of Holtby. Holtby had no noticeable limp when walking away from the catering table. He looked perfectly fine.

But discussion of Holtby’s possible injury missed the real point: what was Holtby eating?

RMNB investigates.

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Photo: @aleksandrovechkinofficial

Saturday night, Alex Ovechkin scored a hat trick against the St. Louis Blues in his final game of the season. The clutch scoars gave the Russian machine his seventh 50-goal season. It also pushed Nicklas Backstrom, who assisted on all three Ovechkin goals, to the 50-assist plateau for the sixth time in his career.

On the plane ride home, Ovechkin posted a selfie of himself and Backy. “50 goals 50 assists !!!not bad!!💪😂,” Ovechkin wrote on Instagram.

An hour later, former Capital Brooks Laich left them a comment that you need to see.

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A few weeks ago, RMNB’s Chris Gordon asked Evgeny Kuznetsov about his finger twirl celebration.

“That’s not for you, you know,” Kuznetsov said to Gordon when asked what the inspiration of the celebration was. “You don’t have to know that.”

Kuznetsov said it was a secret, but recently RMNB reader Chris S. (@theSTOEHR) found something that could give us context.

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A quick, yet flavorful take on the classic spaghetti with meat sauce. Recipe:

Last night we were all captivated by Spaghetti Guy, a man slurping up the Italian dish off a square plate behind the Islanders bench. He had a white linen towel resting on his knee, lest he sully his fine blue jeans. Some Caps fans were left wondering if the same level of luxury could be found at Verizon Center. I conducted extensive research Friday morning and found the answer.

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Ellison and famous gas pump no. 3. (Photo: Ian Oland)

During the first day of Winter Storm Jonas, a WUSA9 news crew stumbled upon Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin while conducting man-on-the-street interviews. It was the stuff of legend. The future hall of famer, whose game against the Anaheim Ducks had been postponed an hour earlier, was hurriedly getting gas right before the full brunt of the snow storm struck.

What resulted was internet gold. The reporter gasped when she saw who she had approached. Ovechkin, laughing, agreed to do the interview. The resulting video went viral, with national publications like Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Washington Post, Yahoo, and TSN all picking up the story.

The reporter who conducted the interview was WUSA9’s Prince George’s County Deputy Bureau Chief, Ellison Barber, a rising star in the industry. I spoke to her about her experience.

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Photo: NHL

This morning, the NHL released a series of tweets promoting this weekend’s All-Star Game in Nashville. Each tweet included a graphic to get to know each team’s mascot. Slapshot, the Caps mascot, said his (its?) favorite country artist is Luke Bryan, which makes me wonder if Slapshot is secretly Karl Alzner, but that’s a topic for another day.

Then there was Slapshot’s favorite comfort food. Slapshot named Carolina pulled pork, and put Stormy in parentheses. Stormy is the Hurricanes mascot. Stormy says he is a pig, but he looks more like a mouse to me.

Eating another mascot is pretty hardcore answer. Is that even possible? RMNB investigates!

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You know how when kids are young and cute their parents tell them to “make your mean face” and they scrunch up their little noses and furrow their little brows and everyone goes “aww, how adorable”? Yeah, the Caps made a commercial out of that concept. If you’ve watched them play on CSN Washington this season, you’ve probably seen it.

The commercial begins quietly, with the likes of Andre Burakovsky, John Carlson, and TJ Oshie trying to look serious and intimidating (but mostly appearing as though they’re trying to stifle a laugh). All’s quiet until, as if from the depths of Khazad-dûm, the steady doom-doom of war drums begins. Then the players make their mean faces. In total silence.

Until now. RMNB put its crack investigative team on the case and uncovered the original and totally unaltered cut of the commercial with the full audio intact. Enjoy.

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The Iron Sheik Tweets Support (?) to Alex Ovechkin


In worlds-I-never-thought-would-cross news, former WWE world champion, dude I watched rassle during my childhood, and certified crazy person, The Iron Sheik, tweeted about Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin over the weekend.

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TJ Oshie’s Nickname Is Osh


If you pay close attention to Caps telecasts, you’ll learn something new every night. During Tuesday’s Rangers game, CSN Washington zoomed in on Alex Ovechkin on the bench, drinking Gatorade and staring at things. We also got a front-row seat to the Caps’ stick rack.

And that’s how we learned that TJ Oshie‘s nickname is Osh.

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