Let’s be honest: I’m mad; you’re mad. I’m fighting people in the comments of Peter’s game story right now. Everybody who watched that Caps loss is irritable and poo.

So instead of arguing about Braden Holtby’s performance or forming a search-and-destroy party for the GRABOVSKY jersey (burn it!), let’s take a look at Ryan Suter’s hat-trick goal again.

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RMNB’s Guide To Free Agency

Photo illustration by Ian Oland.

Guess what tomorrow is? That’s right! Canada Day!

It also happens to be NHL Free Agency, the wildest and kookiest hockey day of the year. The Capitals aren’t expected to make any world-shaking moves this year, but you never know. The spirit of capitalism can possess even the most level-headed of GMs and make them act like crazy people, so stay tuned here tomorrow while we update you on what’s going down. The Caps have a few holes to fill, a few free agents who will find new homes — and who knows, maybe McPhee will trade Backstrom for Jeff Skinner or something, and we’ll all have to drink ourselves into oblivion.

Anything is possible! But luckily, not everything is likely, so follow us below the jump for your Guide to Free Agency 2012.

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