Here’s Your 2014-15 Capitals Schedule


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Hey everybody. Happy summer and everything, but I’ve gotta remind you: Winter is coming.

The NHL has released the 2014-15 schedule. In a stunning development the Caps will play 82 games with just about half of them at home. Weird how it always works out like that. Venture below for the full thingy and instant, totally shallow analysis.

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Here’s Your 2013-2014 Washington Capitals Schedule

Calendario Azteca tallado en piedra (Aztec Carved Calendar Stone)

The Southeast Division is no more. Starting in October, the Washington Capitals will be competing in a value-sized version of the Patrick Division from days gone by– now known as The Metropolitan Division. It’ll be a tough going, but at least now we’ve got specifics. The NHL has finally released the upcoming season schedule, and we’ve got your breakdown right here.


Well, there’s 82 games.


Some of them are on the road. Some of them are at home. About 50/50, I suppose.

More summertime analysis behind the jump, plus the whole dang sched.

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Here’s Your 2013 Washington Capitals Schedule


Yes, they finally released it!

The players ratified the CBA, and so here we are. 48 games, 48 chances.

I recommend you download the schedule to your calendar using the Capitals’ convenient downloady thing.

The schedule and our impressions are below.

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Hot off the presses, people!

Follow us past the jump to feast your eyes on all 82 games along with our knee-jerk reactions.

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