Scoarboard Watching: The Caps Have Been Eliminated


“The team will make the playoffs, as I promised, ten to fifteen years in a row.”
Ted Leonsis, 2011.

The Wings got a point and the Jackets beat the Stars, thereby officially eliminating the Washington Capitals from playoff contention. After six straight years of making the postseason, the Caps will be tearing down after their final game on Sunday. There will be no Capitals playoff games for me to write about. I don’t know what to do with my hands.

Summer beckons. Tee time. Watching someone else win the Cup. Watching Pittsburgh flame out in the first two rounds. Watching the Os and the Nats. Drinking frozen mai tais poolside. People getting fired. The draft. People getting hired. Free agency. Dev camp. Sunburns. And then we’ll do it all again in the fall.

We invite you to wail in grief below. Come join the GIF party.

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Tuesday night action in the NHL had huge repercussions for the playoff race. The Caps again earned a loser point against the awesome Kings, but it wasn’t enough to vault them over the competition. And while the current standings look like a tense four-way tie for the conference’s two wild card spot, it’s not that simple.

Because of all those shootout wins early in the season, the Caps are lagging in regulation and overtime wins (ROW), which is the primary tiebreaker should teams be tied after 82 games. It’s unlikely the Caps can catch Detroit’s ROWs in the final nine games, so they’ll need to earn more standings points. Plus, Columbus and Detroit both have one extra game left to play.

And yet, I’m kind of optimistic.

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