Brooks Laich’s on the Cover of Shy Magazine

Photo credit: Rebecca Siegel/Shy Magazine

We have some exciting news for all you Brooks Laich fans out there: Laich is the cover boy of the upcoming issue of Shy Magazine. And as this picture so clearly shows: he’s on a mother [redacted] boat.

Shy Magazine is an “elegant upscale magazine geared to the Fashion and Entertainment world of the DC, Maryland, NY, LA and Virginia area.” Their regular features include Bashful Beauties, Timid To Do Lists, Reserved Reservations, and Demure Detours. With Laich’s gee golly attitude and quiet charm, you can see why he got involved.

A few weeks ago, Laich and his baby blues did a photoshoot on a yacht in the middle of the Potomac, right near Georgetown. Shy’s Shan Lachel describes the experience.

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