The Washington Capitals haven’t dropped the gloves once this year, but that almost changed in the first period. According to NBCSN’s Pierre McGuire, Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Kuznetsov challenged each other to a fight.

Wait.. what?

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Ever since Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby entered the league in 2005-06, they have been saddled with comparisons. The Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry is somewhat an NHL invention, eagerly marketed though the players have been friendly off the ice. It seems every few months, one player is asked about the other.

On Wednesday, CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley had a simple question for Ovechkin: who’s better right now? Ovechkin’s answer is literal fire.

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Sidney Crosby and Team Canada destroyed Alex Ovechkin and Team Russia 6-1 today in the World Championship gold medal game. Since I’m sad that Ovi lost, here’s Crosby going for a line-change in the third period.

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Sidney Crosby Gently Shoves Braden Holtby (GIF)


Coming into Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Penguins had been shut out by Braden Holtby in two consecutive games. To try and shake him, the Penguins crashed the net on every play.

That’s cool and all, but the Holtbeast wasn’t impressed. Especially when Chris Kunitz got a wee bit too close to his manimal cage.

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Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has a reputation among Caps fans as a whiner. He did not to help his cause tonight. After snapping his stick and shanking a one-timer late in the third period, a disgusted Crosby threw his broken stick against the boards, nearly impaling himself in the process.

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and GIF that.

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Eric Fehr is God: Caps Blank Pens 3-0



I spent my Saturday at Nationals Park — well, until NHL PR literally chased me out. The stadium is nearly in its full party dress with fake domes, banners, and a sheet of ice with logos on.

But alas, there were still more games on the calendar before New Year’s Day. Tonight the Caps visited Pittsburgh. A bunch of the Penguins have mumps. Crosby had mumps. Mumps makes your face big. Okay, we got that out of the way.

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Editor’s note: Pat Holden has written about Caps hockey over at Brooks Laichyear since 2012. We’ve asked him to pitch in here at RMNB to smarten us up a bit. Please give Pat a warm welcome. Follow him on Twitter.

Alex Ovechkin won the Calder Trophy for NHL rookie of the year in 2006. That season, Ovechkin totaled 52 goals and 54 assist in 81 games. His 106 points is the 3rd highest total ever for a rookie.

But 2005-06 was also Sidney Crosby‘s rookie season. Crosby scored 39 goals and recorded 63 assists. According to Wikipedia, the only other time two rookies scored over 100 points in the same season was in 1992-93, when Teemu Selanne and Joe Juneau did it.

Voting for the Calder was not especially close. Ovechkin got 125 out of 129 first-place votes. He also received 4 second-place votes. Crosby got 4 first-place votes, 95 second-place votes, and a number of third- and fourth-place votes. Scoring 52 goals as a rookie is going to grab the attention of voters. Ovechkin’s highlight-reel goals and physical play were credited for helping him win the award nearly unanimously.

Advanced stats are more prevalent than ever before in the NHL, and are certainly more of a going concern than they were in the 2005-06 season. While many voters still pay them no mind, I want to take a look at how the Ovechkin’s and Crosby’s rookie seasons match-up from an advanced stats perspective.

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Henrik Lundqvist Squirts Sidney Crosby (Video)


The same day Boston Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton was fined for squirting his water bottle at P.K. Subban, New York Rangers goaltender and male model Henrik Lunqvist also got naughty with his Gatorade bottle. The recipient of the liquid hate this time was soon-to-be-named MVP Sidney Crosby, so this highlight goes to 11.

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Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby is going to win the Hart trophy at the end of the season. Not only was Sid the only guy to score 100 points this year, he is also a good defensive player too. That’s why on Friday night against the New York Rangers, I was surprised to see Crosby completely give up on a play in the defensive zone.

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The greatest story in the history of hockey continues. I am so excited to share this I am about to puke rainbows all over the keyboard.

Our brother from another blogger, Kyle Mace of SHOE, shared this photo from Hershey, Pennsylvania. It’s the sequel to CROCHKIN, the legendary Sidney Crosby/Alex Ovechkin Frankenstein shirsey.

Ladies and germs: presenting OVESBY!

Is everyone freaking out or is it just me?

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