Stanley Cup Creates Mass Hysteria at State Department


Photos: Tracey Bartel and Brad Bartel

This morning, the Stanley Cup visited the State Department in honor of the historic State Luncheon with US Secretary of State John Kerry and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Earlier in the week, a reader forwarded us the announcement.

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In June the Los Angeles Kings won their second championship in three years. We all forced ourselves to smile for Jeff Schultz, then we laughed our most miserable laughs when we saw Schultz’s day with the Stanley Cup. Like look at this picture. Sarge is trolling us.

On Tuesday the final chapter of Sarge’s heroic tale of buyout to champion was written when a commenter from Japers Rink posted a photo of the newly engraved cup.

We had reported over the summer that the Kings had put in a special waiver to the NHL to get the ineligible Mr. Nasty on the NHL’s most revered trophy. Well, here that is. Soak it in for a minute.

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Jeff Schultz’s Name Will Be Engraved on the Stanley Cup

We’ve got some breaking news. The Los Angeles Kings put in a special waiver to the NHL to get former Washington Capitals defenseman Jeff Schultz on the Stanley Cup. That waiver was approved.

Friday afternoon, the Kings announced the 52 names that will be on sports’ oldest championship trophy and Sarge is on that list.

Yes, Jeff Schultz’s name — one season removed from being bought out by the Capitals — will be on the Stanley Cup. Here are the other 51 lucky souls.

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Mr. Nasty meet Stanley. Stanley: Mr. Nasty.

Early Saturday morning (east coast time), the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers 3-2, winning their second Stanley Cup in three seasons. But most importantly– and I need to shout this next part:


For the record, that’s 55-point text. Double nickel size.

What started as an awful joke, is now a reality. I feel like I’m going to puke rainbows at the headline photo right now.

Next question: Will Sarge get his name on The Cup?

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RMNB’s Really Bad Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions


The Stanley Cup playoffs start today, and the Washington Capitals aren’t a part of it. While that sucks, life must go on. The good news is that the quarterfinal round is the best week or two of hockey all year, and there’s a bunch of good match-ups to watch. There’s also a couple of garbage match-ups too, but what are you gonna do?

I’ve asked the RMNB crew to share their brackets, and they did, and they’re all really bad. Even mine is bad. Not as bad as theirs, but still really, really bad. Making predictions is a sucker’s game.

Come read our stupid predictions and share your own in the comments!

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Do Not Overinflate (Comic)



Week two already! Let’s delve deeper into the relationship between Shinny and her boyfriend, an enthusiastic young man who is blissfully unaware of certain hockey protocol. For example: there are certain gifts that should not be given to fans of teams who have not won the Cup.

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Happy Halloween from RMNB and Our Readers


Sheepvechkin! (Illustration by Rachel Cohen)

Today is Halloween, which for me means less than one month until my birthday! Yay! Oh wait — I mean, dressing up, eating candy, and looking like a tool. To celebrate the holiday right, we figured we’d do a Halloween-themed post.

I’ll be honest: when I heard Chris Gordon‘s demand to solicit Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns, I thought we’d get maybe four images and this post would be a total disaster. Three days and 50 emails later, holy lord did you guys come through in a BIG way. (I guess that’s why he contributes to the New York Times, and I don’t.)

We’ve got Caps logos, we’ve got Ovi heads, and we’ve got 10 million Weagle-carved pumpkins. Follow me past the jump to check out the gallery.

Oh yeah. Homeowners, please remember: the more Mr. Big bars you give out to the kids tonight, the more goals Ovechkin will score on Tuesday. So don’t be stingy. And kids, show no restraint in eating your candy when you get home. Sugar is good for you, no matter what your parents say. Eat it all in one night. Dive into those Kit-Kats and Milky Ways like Alex Ovechkin dives into the boards after scoaring. Type II diabetes be damned.

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Mike Green

Suffice to say, Mike Green was snakebit last year. The Caps defenseman dealt with freak injuries to the shoulder, knee, and hip and also managed to miss 26 of Washington’s final 28 games in the regular season due to a pair of traumatic head injuries. Green’s 49 games-played were the fewest he’s totaled in a single season since he came up to the NHL full-time in 2006-07. His 24 points were also 52 short of his career-high set in 2009-10.

Tuesday, TSN’s Jermain Franklin caught up with Green after a workout in Calgary and the 26-year-old spoke optimistically about his health, his goals for the upcoming season, and George McPhee’s offseason moves. The two-time Norris Trophy finalist also responded to Matt Bradley’s recent comments about Alex Semin and the Capitals supposed lack of discipline in the locker room saying,”if you’re not going to be committed this year, you’re not going to fit in with our team.”

A partial transcript of the interview is below.

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Brooks Laich is right to be angry. His team has lost four of its last six games when it should be building momentum for the post-season. But I have to respectfully disagree with his argument; the Washington Capitals are indeed coasting.

In the first period of their last two games, the Capitals have mustered only four shots on goal. This statistic is compelling evidence that the team is not focused on the games in front of them.   If someone says that the team is “sailing through to the postseason”, that’s what they’re talking about.  When the boys start climbing out of the two- or three- goal holes they dig themselves, they play like heroes again. That’s great, but why are they floundering in the first period at all?

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Wednesday Webhits: The Frost King’s Links Of The Week

This week we’ve got a the guys who take the most punishment on the ice (hits), a better save percentage using an adjustment for the penalty kill (which puts a certain Caps’ goalie in pretty good company), the snipers who score goals more than one would expect, and a look at which Conference is stronger and what that means for who could end up in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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