Here’s a Picture of Alex Ovechkin Holding a Cat


RMNB has hit the pageview bifecta today. First, news broke that Jeff Schultz will be bought out. Now, Maria Kirilenko has published a heavily filtered photo of Alex Ovechkin holding a cat.

It’s no Eli Manning holding a tiny bucket, but it’ll do. Ahh, summer content.

Photo via @mkirilenko

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How to Block Bleacher Report From Google Search


Bleacher Report is a bad website. I won’t go into detail here, but I’ve got a quick smattering of their article titles that should make the case for me:

  • 10 Reasons Alex Ovechkin Would Be Better off Staying in Russia
  • 3 Reasons the Washington Capitals Should Cut Ties with Alexander Ovechkin
  • Alex Ovechkin: 6 Reasons Why It’s Time for Washington Capitals to Trade Him

Bleacher Report offends me on a hockey-smarts level and on a journalistic level. (On a shameless evil-SEO-wizard-level, I am awed and humbled.)

Google used to have a great in-line option that I used to block Bleacher Report from my search results. It was how I kept my sanity. It’s gone now. (Not my sanity, the in-line block option.) So if you wanna banish Bleacher Report from your results, you’re gonna have to follow these instructions.

Don’t worry; it’s easy. You’ll be glad you did it.

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RMNB’s SB Nation Sports Blog Blog Name Ranking Index

SB Nation’s blog for the Buffaslugs takes on all comers. Photo by the great Clydeorama.

Like fantasy teams, sports blogs tend to have boldly silly names. Onomasticians fill their hours dissecting the tribalism and secret etymology of blogs with names like Russian Machine Never Breaks and the late, great, way too punny Kings of Leonsis.

Fun fact: here are some names we didn’t pick for RMNB: Red Line to StanleytownLaing’s Gang, various names with a bongo theme. Meanwhile, across the net at SB Nation (a blog network of which our colleagues at Japers’ Rink are members and Caps owner Ted Leonsis is an investor), there’s a blog for every team in the league. It’s a panoply of fun, imaginative names.

To pass the time on this long and languid summer, we decided to pick our favorites. Behold: the RMNB’s SB Nation Sports Blog Blog Name Ranking Index Presented by RMNB.

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Happy #TweetLikeOviDay

It’s August 8th! Today is the day where we tweet like a caffeine-addled adolescent with only a passing understanding of English syntax and a strange affinity for the close parenthesis key.

It’s #TweetLikeOviDay! So go ahead and peruse Alex Ovechkin‘s timeline for some style guide tips. Personally, I recommend flourishes of repeated vowels “bronzeeeeeee!” and not using a space between your sentences. From what I’m told, the close paren “)” key means you’re smiling, so do with that what you will. Have fun!


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