Brooks Laich

Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Want to get the VIP treatment from the Washington Capitals? It’s easy. All you have to do is be from outside North America, have your weekend plans to attend Caps game cancelled by a historic blizzard, then randomly bump into Brooks Laich at the White House. Got it?

As unbelievable as that may sound, it’s exactly what happened to a German Caps fan named Daniel, who was in town to see the Caps take on the Ducks and Penguins but had to implement plan B when the NHL postponed the games on account of the snow.’s Katie Brown has the deets from Kettler this morning:

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Photo: Patrick McDermott

Alex Ovechkin’s 500th goal on Sunday was arguably one of the bigger moments in Washington sports history. And there were so many tiny, wonderful moments contained inside that one, we’re still sorting through them all.

Such as we learned that there is apparently no end to Braden Holtby‘s other-worldly talents. Not only is he currently 19-0-2 in his past 22 games, but he’s also an accomplished jumper. As Ovechkin scored, Holtby managed to jump (in all of his equipment) higher than the entire home bench, before racing onto the ice to celebrate the milestone goal with their captain.

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Ted Leonsis Took a Selfie With Mike Green


Photo: @TedLeonsis

Recently Caps owner Ted Leonsis began first-person tweeting from his phone. The result has been stunning. He’s taken photos with Mark Cuban, Henry Kissinger, and Santa.

Tuesday night, Leonsis got a picture with Mike Green after the Caps’ 3-2 shootout victory over the Red Wings. Leonsis included a kind message with the photo.

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The single biggest off-ice issue for the Washington Capitals has now been resolved. John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal reports that the Caps’ parent company, Monumental Sports and Entertainment, has a handshake deal in place with NBC Sports for 15 years of television rights. The deal would more than double Monumental’s take from their current deal, up from $13 million to $28 million. The deal also reportedly would give MSE 33-percent equity in CSN Mid-Atlantic, the regional sports network that airs nearly all Capitals and Wizards game.

The deal, in short, would be a windfall for Ted Leonsis and the Capitals.

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Photo credit: Capitals Outsider

During the penultimate game of the Capitals preseason, the team unveiled an elaborate new skycam suspended from the rafters. The fan reaction was swift and mostly negative, largely from fans in the upper deck whose views were impacted by the moving camera and its cables. On Sunday night, Capitals majority owner Ted Leonsis acknowledged the criticism in a blog post.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

When the Washington Capitals selected Alex Ovechkin first overall in 2004, they received a generational player, one that was supposed to lift them out of depths of the league and win them the Stanley Cup that has eluded them throughout their 40-year history. Eleven years later, the Caps have still not won a Stanley Cup. Despite his nearly point per game pace in the postseason, much of the blame has been shouldered on Ovechkin, the captain and face of the team. Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, who stood on the draft stage with Ovechkin back at RBC Center, however, defended his star player.

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Photo: @katiejudd11

The Capitals mustered a strong comeback attempt in the third period, but they still lost to the New York Rangers. After a few solid shifts of Caps pressure, Martin St. Louis scored to put the Rags up 3-1 in the final minutes.

John Carlson had thrown a cross-ice pass to hit Nate Schimdt, but instead the puck was intercepted by Chris Kreider. A breakaway ensued.

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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was in Washington DC yesterday. While he was in town, he took in the Caps-Pens rivalry game from the owner’s box at Verizon Center. Bettman also held court with the local media.

When asked about the growth of hockey in the DC Area over the last decade, Bettman marveled at the job both Alex Ovechkin and Ted Leonsis have done. Seconded.

“It’s the Ovechkin era and there’s an era that’s a little bit longer than that one and I would call that the [Ted] Leonsis era,” Bettman said beaming. “I think Ted’s ownership of this franchise has been nothing short of phenomenal in terms of how the community has been engaged and in terms of how fans have connected with and interacted with this franchise; the stability of ownership and management has been very important.”

Then it got weird. Bettman credited (I think) definitely-not-Washington Capital Evgeni Malkin.

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Barack Obama Will Not Be at the Winter Classic


Back in 2010, we — okay, Ian & Peter — created a campaign to get Barack Obama to a Caps game. It seemed like the type of thing a newly-elected president and rising young team would want to get in on. The White House press secretary at the time, Robert Gibbs, responded to RMNB’s pleas. But as we enter 2015, Washington’s Stanley Cup hopes and Obama approval ratings are low. So are the chances we get to see a presidential hockey game. While Obama has attended Wizards, Nationals, Mystics, and college games, he has heretofore ignored hockey in office. RMNB registered these concerns to the highest levels of government.

“I don’t know what the deal is,” Secretary of State John Kerry told RMNB earlier this year.

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Nicklas Backstrom’s Beautiful Baby Boy


Visual approximation of metaphor

On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals hosted some kind of media luncheon thing and made available literally everyone in the Caps organization. That list included owner Ted Leonsis, who dropped what I initially thought was a bombshell during his press conference.

I heard him say something about Nicklas Backstrom having a new “beautiful baby boy.”

Upon closer inspection of District Sports Page’s Katie Brown tweets, however, I learned that Backstrom did not have a new child over the summer. Leonsis was just talking about how Nicklas Backstrom refers to a new addition to the Washington Capitals.

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