RMNB's First Year Party Featuring Samantha Casey

On Saturday, July 31st, please join Russian Machine Never Breaks and current Miss Virginia USA, Samantha Casey, at The Front Page Arlington, where we’ll be celebrating our first year as a blog and Sam’s 3rd-place finish at Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant.

We’ll be giving away a bunch of free RMNB stuff (wait until you see the keychains and koozies!), and we’ll be having a special raffle to benefit Samantha’s charity Love146. So far I’ve gathered a bunch of shirts to give away, a Mathieu Perreault-signed puck and a few team photos of the Bears celebrating with the Calder Cup signed by your boy, Andrew Gordon.  Much more to come!

As the date approaches, we’ll announce more details and some special guests. The  dress code is pretty simple: Either wear one of these or whatever you think is appropriate hanging-out-with-a-model attire.

For now, all that we ask is that you RSVP on our Facebook Page and help spread the word. We can’t wait to meet you guys and girls, talk Caps hockey, and finally meet Neil in person. It’s gonna be a blast. Mmm… beer.

For anyone out there who would like to donate anything to the raffle (gift certificates, etc.) and get some free publicity (I’m looking at you, Greene Turtle), please email us. Also, special thanks to Suzanne,  Oksana, and Jorge for all the help with organizing and planning!