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On Friday (but taped on Tuesday), Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin appeared on Russian Channel One’s late night show, Evening Urgant. Hosted by popular comedian (and actor and musician) Ivan Urgant, the show — which closely resembles Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno — features jokes and skits from Urgant, celebrity interviews, and musical guests.

The Russian machine, making his first appearance on a late-night show in his career, spoke about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi and revealed more about his engagement to Maria Kirilenko. For example: Ovi allowed her to pick out a ring before he took the plunge. “So, she chose the ring,” Ovechkin explained. “I never said that I’m gonna propose on that day. Just pick a ring. I’ll think about if I’ll buy it or not.”

Ovechkin participated in skits as well. Ovi used a hockey stick (with a spoon taped to the blade) to feed Urgant tiramisu pie. “The stick may not only be a weapon,” Urgant joked. The interview continued while they fed each other. Wacky.

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