Mike Richards scored his first goal as a Washington Capital on Monday night, but the goal did not come without drama. Goalie Louis Domingue believed he had covered Tom Wilson’s initial shot and waited for a whistle. Instead, the puck was jammed free by Wilson, and Richards potted the rebound. The Coyotes would challenge the ruling on the ice.

While Richards celebrated, Oliver Ekman-Larsson looked for some frontier justice by trying to start a scrum with Wilson along the corner. Wilson had a different idea, putting a new twist on the classic celebratory hockey hug by embracing his foe.

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Photo: Rob Carr

Hockey players and their flow go together like oil and vinegar — great until the mixture separates, which is almost exactly what Tom Wilson‘s hair did from his scalp on Tuesday night.

In a brutal fight against the Los Angeles Kings’ Luke Schenn, Willy Baby made sure to get the last punch in while the fans wondered if they had, in fact, seen Tom Wilson’s hair come to life and try to escape his head.

Let’s enhance.

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Unfairly or not, Tom Wilson has a reputation around the league. Word on the street is that Wilson is on the NHL Player Safety watchlist. The play I’m about to document is one of those times Tom crosses the line.

During the second period of the Caps-Kings game, Wilson shoved defenseman Luke Schenn (brother of Wilson’s personal punching-bag Brayden) into goaltender Jonathan Quick. It was a dangerous play. Quick toppled to the ice.

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Saturday, the Capitals almost completed an improbable comeback against the second-best team in the league, the Dallas Stars. To put it succinctly: the third period was good times for the Caps. Washington scored three consecutive goals and looked to be the better team. But before that, the Caps were miserable.

In the game’s first two periods, the Stars jumped out to a 4-0 lead, outshooting the Capitals 25 to 11. That left some players frustrated. And angry.

My favorite meltdown moment came from Tom Wilson.

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Capitals head coach Barry Trotz gave his players the day off on Friday after they defeated Minnesota Wild 4-3 the previous night. Through 53 games, the Capitals have the most wins (40) in NHL history. I guess they earned it.

Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Andre Burakovsky, and Nate Schmidt decided to spend their free day in Dallas doing the most hockey player thing imaginable: playing golf. The four amigos traveled to the fancy Top Golf facility, which features a driving range (that has TVs in every stall), batting cages, and a 64-hole miniature golf course.

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Tom Wilson joined the Minnesota Wild tonight in the second period when he was checked into their bench.

It was a good laugh, and sure to be seen on future YouTube compilations of hockey fails for years to come.

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Andre Burakovsky Receiving a Latta Love For His 21st Birthday


Photo: @washcaps

The youngest Caps player is not so young anymore. Andre Burakovsky turns 21 today, and even though he still has to wait another four years to rent a car, he can now drink legally in the States, which is really all that matters to a 21-year-old guy, right?

But wait! Isn’t Burkie Swedish? Didn’t he celebrate his most important birthday three years ago when he could legally purchase alcohol in Sweden? Is this basically his 18th birthday all over again? Why, yes, it is. He’s even retained the look of an 18 year old just for the authenticity of it all.

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Photo: Abbi F.

After the Caps’ 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers, long-time RMNB reader Abbi F. shared with us a fun story from the game. Sunday was her 16th birthday so she decided to make a sign in the hopes she might get a puck. And to the surprise of no one, Tom Wilson came through in the clutch (even though he was forced to try multiple times).

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Photo: @tom_wilso

Upon returning to DC from the All-Star break on Monday, Andre Burakovsky and Michael Latta posted photos from their dream vacation in the Bahamas. Both pictures involved posing with a dolphin, so naturally fellow brobean Tom Wilson was grilled by the Washington Post’s Isabelle Khurshudyan on if he also took a picture with a dolphin or not.

Well, you guys, Wilson did and above is the photo he took.

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Cupcakes and Iced Coffee: Tom Wilson is a Basic White Girl


Ed. note: Please say hello to Victoria Dravis, RMNB’s latest acquisition.

Hockey players: They’re just like us! (And by us, I mean me and the thousands of other teenage girls hooked on the best game on Earth; no bias.)

Speaking of game, just look at Tom Wilson and Andre Burakovsky‘s Snapchat and Instagram game on the two whitest social networks above. So on point. #nofilter

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