On Sunday, Evgeny Kuznetsov practiced for the first time as a Washington Capital. Since it was a scheduled off-day for the rest of the team, Kuzya was alone on the ice. With only head coach Adam Oates and strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish on the ice, Kuznetsov performed some drills.

Towards the end of his 50-minute practice, Kuznetsov and the coaches had some fun, taking pot shots at an empty net from the opposing goal.

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Alex Ovechkin may be engaged to Maria Kirilenko, but that doesn’t mean he won’t impress the ladies when given the opportunity. In a new video released by Gillette Russia, The Great Eight performs some fancy trick shots for young Russian women near the rink.

“Sasha, Sasha!” the girls scream in the beginning of the video, asking for an autograph.

“Let me do something better than autographs,” Ovechkin says. “Come with me.”

That’s when the magic happens.

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Following today’s development camp activities, Dmitry Orlov (now and forever spelled with a y) and Stan Galiev spent a few minutes goofing around on the ice. Moving the net up the ice, they practiced point-blank distance trick shots before calling it a day.

Orlov and Galiev flipped the puck from around the back of the net, from halfway up the ice, and from extreme angles. Perhaps they’re working on one of those Granlund-style lacrosse goals, or maybe Stanislav Galiev’s header (13 seconds in) is the real future of the Capitals’ offense. Either way, we’re probably looking at the future of the Caps: fun, creative, and somewhat mischievous.

Ovi’s gonna love these guys.