When Brouwer Pouwer Goes to 11


Photo: Bruce Bennett

A few minutes before Evgeny Kuznetsov chipped a nifty no-angle shot past Jaroslav Halak to give the Capitals a dramatic game-7 victory over the New York Islanders, Troy Brouwer had his own chance to give the Caps a lead.

Midway through the third period, Isles forward Nikolay Kulemin attempted an ill-advised, cross-ice pass to Matt Donovan. Brouwer intercepted it, settled the puck, and set off the Brouwitzer. But Halak Halak’d, and Brouwer took out his rage on his poor hockey stick.

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Caps Fans Enlist Troy Brouwer to Announce Pregnancy

troy 5

With the Washington Capitals officially locked in to the 2014-2015 postseason, most Caps fans are eagerly anticipating the playoffs, which will begin next week. Two fans are looking a bit further ahead – to November, when they’re expecting their first child.

The way they announced the news to family and friends this week was one of a kind.

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Alex Ovechkin Bus Presentation

Photo: Monumental Network

On Wednesday afternoon, NHLPA’s Chris Lomon published an article entitled Teammates Talk On Alex Ovechkin. There’s lots of great stuff about how Ovi is one of the greatest players in the world. But I want to point you to my favorite quote from teammate Troy Brouwer.

“The one thing I would love the hockey world to know about Alex is that he has the worst style ever,” Brouwer said of his captain. “He only has a few suits and he wears a tuxedo shirt with one of his suits.”

Oh, c’mon, Troy. There’s no way that’s tru…

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Can’t Clinch: Sens Beat Caps 4-3 (OT)


That was a dumb period. (Photo credit: Justin Tang)

On this festive weekend, the Caps looked to clinch a playoff berth with a regulation win over the Senators. Instead, they dug themselves a huge hole early. Somehow, they came back. Then they blew it again. Oh well. Put down your matzo and wine, it’s no time for a yeast-less party.

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Photo: Patrick McDermott

Troy Brouwer had a magical second period today. He scored two goals, single-handedly bringing the Caps out of a three-goal hole.

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Photo: Alex Brandon

10:45 AM Update: 12 hours later, the NHL has finally credited Kuznetsov with the goal.

Original Post: (Before you read this, know that the NHL is still crediting Matt Niskanen with the OTGWG, which is incorrect.)

If you ever wanted to understand how far Evgeny Kuznetsov has come as a hockey player, his game-winning goal against the Devils– and the seconds before that– are all you need to see.

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Photo: @kuzy092

On Saturday, while taking part in an autograph signing in Laurel, Troy Brouwer made some news. Talking to the DC Sports Bog’s Ben Sumner, Brouwer revealed that Evgeny Kuznetsov‘s wife Nastia is pregnant.

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Hockey fights happen in every game, but this do-si-do was weird.

Troy Brouwer and Cody Goloubef exchanged angry shoves in neutral, then they dropped the gloves.

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Alex Ovechkin loves to score goals. Afterwards, sometimes he leaps in into the glass, sometimes he does a jig, sometimes he tumbles to the ground like a building loaded with TNT. That last one happened on Sunday night after Ovi’s fortieth goal of the season.

“I think sniper was up there, shot me in foot,” Ovechkin told reporters after the game.

When I asked around the Capitals locker room at the Kettler on Monday, I was hoping the learn that Ovi’s teammates had seen the fall — or at least the replay — and had been giving Ovechkin a hard time. Troy Brouwer didn’t let me down.

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Jussi Jokinen, Marcus Johansson,Troy Brouwer

Photo: AP

With just a few days left before a trade deadline, managers around the NHL are comparing their teams to the rest of the league and looking for the pieces needed for a playoff run. With the new playoff format, it’s especially important to overmatch the division rivals you are likely to face early in the postseason.

The Caps, despite sitting just fourth in the Metropolitan division, keep up with the teams above them in most statistical categories. But there is one area in which they are struggling: the second line.

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