CASTING CALL: Hockey Fans Needed for Commercial Shoot

Want to be in a Hockey Commercial? Here's how!

Our pal Suzanne dropped us a line about a cool opportunity for aspiring thespians out there.  She is casting for a hockey-related commercial that will shoot in the area this month, and she needs one metric butt-ton of extras.  If you like hockey (or can fake like you do), live in the tristate area, and wanna earn an honest day’s living, read on!

Who should respond? non-union extras who can play hockey fans

When is the shoot? 4 am (!), Thursday, October 21

Where is the shoot? Laurel, Maryland

How much will I get paid? $148.75

How long will it take? Be prepared for a 10-hour day.

I’m down!  What do I do now? Email  Include your name, phone number, and a headshot or snapshot of yourself.

Can you tell me anything else? Nope!

Suzanne has helped us out a lot in the last year, and she has become one of our pals.  She got my Matt Bradley jersey signed and she liked my bulldog. Help us return the favor by participating in this commercial.  It’ll be a blast.

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USA Network Pilot Season Will Include NHL-based Hourlong

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood provides this summary:

Chris “Stick” Blake is a player in the NHL prominently featured in the majority of the top 10 hockey fights on YouTube. He just got suspended from his team, and now has to attend court ordered anger management classes. He’s not a bad guy… he just loses it when people are bullied. After an old friend shows up with a life-threatening problem, Stick focuses his considerable energies on solving it and discovers a new line of work—helping people that the law can’t. From writers Mark Altman & Steve Kriozere (“Castle”) and Executive Producers Steve Stark (“Medium,” “Girlfriends”) and Russ Buchholz (FACING KATE). From Universal Cable Productions.

This raises many questions:

  • Will the NHL license/endorse a show whose main character is a shamed ex-player famous for fighting?
  • Will that player have been suspended under the new headshot rule?
  • Can the player be a Capital? (Please!) Will the show be set in D.C. (or Vancouver passing for D.C.)?
  • Can Chris Simon act?  Is Donald Brashear available for cameos? (Answer: yes)
  • If picked up, how many episodes in before an ice skate is used as a murder weapon? If it happens, even odds that the victim is an official.

Just because a show is picked up in pilot season does not guarantee it ever gets produced or makes it to air.  In fact, most shows that we hear about are so apocalyptically awful, we never here from them again.  We’ll keep you posted on STICK.

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