You know things are bad when even the Canadians are trolling. At least they’re nice about it.

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Usually, the Washington Capitals Twitter account has an uptight, professional feel. Think the opposite of the Los Angeles Kings. But on Friday night, after the Flyers instigated a ridiculous line brawl with the Caps (which included a goalie fight), all internal social media style guides were thrown out the window. Yes, Flyers. Eat glorious #Scoreboard!

The Caps lose points for still using that lame #CapsFlyers hashtag, but whatever, this is progress! I love it.

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Happy Tweet Like Ovi Day))))))))))))))))


You guys, today is August 8th (8/8) and you know what that means! It’s time to celebrate Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and his amazing communication style on teh Twitters with our very own made-up holiday, Tweet Like Ovi Day.

To participate, jump on the social network, drink approximately 9 to 10 Red Bulls, and then recklessly abandon all grammar and punctuation rules you learned in grade school. Make sure to conclude every tweet with a hahaha and some exuberant close parenthesis )))))). You’ll also want to include the hashtag #TweetLikeOviDay in your submissions. Let’s get this ish trending.

As always, if you need some style-guide tips, follow the master himself @Ovi8 and peruse his timeline. This year, we’re also encouraging our readers to submit photos. Put on your favorite Nike t-shirts and hats, black out a tooth, and strike a pose.

We’ll be embedding our favorite tweets of the day as they happen below. Have fun.

This gon’ be so sick))))))))))

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Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

The Washington Capitals have announced that they’ve re-signed restricted free agent defenseman Karl Alzner to a four-year deal which will keep the gifted beard grower in DC through 2016-17. Alzner, who hasn’t missed a game for three consecutive seasons, is one of the team’s most underrated players.

General Manager George McPhee inked Alzner to both a long term and a low annual average salary, $2.8 million. Combined with brother-from-another-mother John Carlson, the two top pairing quality defenseman will count a combined $6.76 million against the cap for the next four years. That’s some A freaking 1 news right there.

With Alzner now taken care of, McPhee will now look to sign Marcus Johansson long-term. Per, the Capitals have $5,665,705 of cap space left.

And oh yeah, by the way, Alzner’s back on Twitter. TIME TO PARTY!

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When Alex Ovechkin Scoars

Alex Ovechkin scored his 19th goal of the season late in the first period of Tuesday’s game against the Hurricanes. It extended Ovi’s point streak to nine games, gave the team some momentum heading into intermission, blah blah blah, look at what Twitter does when he scores a pretty one:

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Welcome Brooks Laich to Twitter


Finally. Washington Capitals Center and latest victim of #brittlegroin, Brooks Laich, just signed up for teh twitters. You can find him at the euonymous handle @brookslaich.

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Nicky Backstrom Weighs in on US Politics

Sorry, Nick. Unless you’re an NFL referee or Big Bird, you’re probably not getting any love this debate season.

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In Defense Of Twitter

A historic Twitter moment.

Over the weekend, the internet embarrassed itself once again when a Penn State student website called the Onward State prematurely reported Joe Paterno’s death. At 8:45 PM on Saturday, the website tweeted: “Our sources can now confirm: Joseph Vincent Paterno has passed away tonight at the age of 85.” CBS Sports, The Huffington Post, and SB Nation — all in a rush to get their stories up first to rank well in Google — posted stories of their own minutes later without attributing their information or checking their own sources. The Paterno family debunked the news shortly thereafter and a lot of yolk was on a lot of peoples’ faces.

The student editor of the newspaper stepped down hours later, but the aftermath has spread far beyond that, not the least of which has been the many voices blaming Twitter for the spread of false information. Ronnie Ramos of the National Sports Journalism Center offers a counterpoint here, positing that the problem is not with Twitter itself, but with simply reporting responsibly in any medium.

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Recapping the Capitals New Years’ Weekend Tweets

Lady Gaga and NYC Mayor Alex “the gr8″ Bloomberg orchestrate the dropping of the ball.

Caps’ players certainly seemed happy this past weekend. How can you tell? With a Twitter account and a pair of binoculars. The guys were ragging on each other, answering fan questions, posting pictures, the whole shabangabang. I guess that’s what happens when you win four of six games and get Sunday off. Now that our hangovers have finally subsided, here’s a sobering recollection of those tweets.

Join me if you will, RMNB readers, and let’s take a journey into the complex social (network) lives of our favorite players.

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Alex Ovechkin is Back on Twitter!

Alex Ovechkin's photo of Phil Kessel at the All-Star Fantasy Draft

Remember this? Ovi’s All-Star Fantasy Draft photo of Phil Kessel netted over 11,000 hits in two hours.

Yes, the rumors are true! After 25 long months, the Great Eight has decided to start tweeting again. Why? Who cares. Just make sure to give one of the coolest players in hockey a follow here, @ him, and try to hit him up for some free Caps tix like Chad Ochocinco just did. (Someone please help make that happen, ASAP.)

If you’re really, really excited and just absolutely cannot contain yourself, please feel free to abuse our comments section below.

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