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Tyler Seguin took over ESPN’s Twitter account tonight during game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. And it got confusing. During an impromptu couch selfie, Seguin took a shot of himself wearing a Washington Redskins hat. I’m not sure that’s going to go over well with his home fans.

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From Brooks Laich’s Facebook fan page.

On October 9th, 2012, we all learned a valuable lesson: Everybody has a bad day once in awhile, even a perfect human being like Brooks Laich.

In the Kloten Flyers’ 4-3 loss to Tyler Seguin‘s EHC Biel, Laich had one of his worse games as a pro. He garnered 16 penalty minutes — including a misconduct for checking Eric Beaudoin in the head — and oh yeah, he scored on his own team.

Video below.

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Prescriptions for Game Four: Win It For Nicky Signs

Photo: Chris Gordon. Guy on TweetDeck: Adam Vingan

The Washington Capitals had only a 38% win percentage on the road this season, so getting the W Thursday night is crucial; they just can’t depend on victory away from Verizon Center. But Monday’s home loss to the Bruins was an ugly affair, and the once well composed team fell to shambles. To win Game Four, the Caps are gonna have to dig deep.

I have compiled a series of modest steps the Capitals should take to make it happen. And then we threw in the secret weapon. (Okay, we’ll tell you: more posters.)

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DC Birds Hate Tyler Seguin

You could be excused for forgetting that Tyler Seguin has come to DC — with a grand total of zero goals, zero points, and zero penalty minutes, Boston’s regular-season leading scorer has made himself all but invisible.

At least, to human eyes. As it turns out, our local seagulls — obviously Caps fans — think quite differently. They’ve been even more vigilant in watching for the Bruins junior heartthrob than the Capitals defense, and this afternoon they made sure to welcome him to the city with a very special hello.

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Video: Tomas Vokoun’s Huge Pad Save on Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin’s going to be seeing Tomas Vokoun in his nightmares.

He certainly wasn’t the only Bruin to have a sure thing stolen by the Capitals goaltender this afternoon in their 4-3 win against the Bruins, but he was victimized by Vokoun on two quality chances today, the best of which was when the Czech netminder went to the splits and denied a perfectly-placed Seguin shot with his left pad.

Follow us past the jump to watch Vokoun’s flashy game-saver.

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Screengrab via @CarrottBazooka

Since Alex Ovechkin has opted out of the All-Star Weekend (and has better things to do anyway), Dennis Wideman is now Washington’s lone representative in Ottawa. While Wideman is perhaps slightly less likely to don a hat and sunglasses and do trick shots, he’s a Capital, so we love him all the same. We’ll be covering Wideman’s foray into the glamorous life of an All-Star, so check back for updates, because let’s face it, you’re already bored without hockey.

Dennis Wideman was picked in the 15th round with the second-to-last pick that could be used on a defenseman, before only Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler. This means that we can get hipster now if we want and call him underrated. We knew Dennis Wideman when he wasn’t cool. Logan Couture was picked last overall and won a brand new caaaaarrrrr! Somehow it just wasn’t the same without Ovechkin there laughing and taking pictures.

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Boston Bruins Pregame: Drop the Mitts

Craig Brownstein of Puck Buddys provides this pregamer. All Free Citizens should follow them.

The Pregame: With Doug on IR (day-to-day, lower body – but we won’t say how low), I’ll take a stab at pregaming what could be one of the more critical games on the Caps schedule. And by take a stab, I mean a stabby-stabby and hate-fueled screed. Belittling all things Bay State is one of our favorite indoor sports, but there are so many Boston hFadlines today, we hardly know where to start.

Monday afternoon’s Bruins visit to the White House elicits only groans from us. We all know our Kenyan Marxist president would rather be honoring a Canadian team. As everyone knows, Canadians are generally far more receptive to Obama’s brand of socialism, with their noted embrace of socialized healthcare and flamboyant homosexual hockey fans .

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