Alex Ovechkin’s First Vine

This is a sort of breaking news. Alex Ovechkin has discovered Vine. His first video is him working out on a tennis court with a trainer and some fancy rubber bands, performing some kind of workout that would destroy a mortal human’s collateral and cruciate ligaments.

Judging by the video quality, the reigning Hart trophy winner filmed this video from someone else’s video. Or maybe he filmed it through through a screen door. Our fake sources tell us he’s somewhere on the planet earth. Somewhere with cars, perhaps.

Is it October yet?

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Relive Caps vs Islanders in Six-Second Snippets


Back when we started this whole hockey-blogging folly, Twitter ran on steam and Internet video was reserved for senators and people who owned horses. Now it’s 2013, and my very funny friend Steven Freitas is livevlogging entire hockey games from his sweet-ass seats in Verizon Center. Using Vine, an app that grabs and publishes video in 6-second snippets, Freitas shared his POV of the Washington Capital’s tragic 3-2 loss to the New York Islanders.

It’s a totally novel and immersive way to share experiences, and if that is too buzzwordy for you, buckle up, because Vine is going to be shifting paradigms and leveraging user-generated content to create new vectors for lean-back, two-screen experiences. Yeah. I just did that.

Seriously: these videos are pretty cool, and while it’s a shame they come from a loss, I think you should check it out. It’ll only take you 42 seconds, but it’s a bit resource-intensive. And oh yeah: follow @SteveFreitas!

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