In the seminal Wayne Knight film, Space Jam (1996, directed by Michael Jackson music video director Joe Pytka and written by at least four dudes), the Looney Tunes cartoons must defend the earth from hostile aliens by winning a basketball game. Asked to pick his team, Bugs Bunny went immediately for the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Should the same situation occur in the realm of hockey– and you freaking know it will– Alex Ovechkin knows who he’d want on his team.

  • Jonathan Toews
  • Sidney Crosby
  • Anze Kopitar
  • Vladimir Putin

Oh. Okay. Well, here we go again.

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Three guys, one cup. (Photo credit:

On Tuesday afternoon in Moscow, a giant double-decker bus adorned with World Championship logos ambled down Tverskaya Street (Moscow’s version of Broadway). Members of Russia’s championship team, including Capitals superstars Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin, were honored for their third IIHF championship in five years.

After the players waved to fans along the parade route, the bus arrived at its first destination, Manezhnaya Square, and the gold medal winners were escorted to a stage and cheered on by an estimated 4,000 fans. The players shared stories on the mic, a band played (but not this song– bummer), and the team was honored by a few ministers of sport.

Then it was off to their next stop: Novo-Ogarevo– and Vladimir Putin’s summer home.

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