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After losing 4-2 to the New York Rangers Saturday afternoon, the Washington Capitals had to wait until after the Islanders’ game this evening to see if they would have home ice against them in the first round or not.

They WILL.

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Grey’s Anatomy Kills Off Caps Fan Character


Photos: Ashley Colassard

Here’s news I could never report without the readers’ help. The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured a Washington Capitals fan! And now that fan is dead.

Reader Ashley Colassard tells RMNB that Danny, played by Alexander Walsh, has– sorry, had—  a Nicklas Backstrom Caps Winter Classic photo in his room.

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All the Cheap Shots from the Last Caps-Pens Game


The Washington Capitals need to beat the living bejesus out of the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. Not only would a win push the Caps past their rivals in the standings and sweep them in their season series, a win would also send a message. Basically: We’re not putting up with your BS.

Eight days ago, Alex Ovechkin slashed Kris Letang in the ankles. Ovechkin claimed he was trying to shoot a loose puck at the net. Instead Letang fell dangerously into the end boards. Ovechkin was not whistled for a penalty and Letang left the game briefly.

The Penguins, rattled, lost focus on the two points. Instead, they spent the third period doling out cheap shots to Ovechkin and the Capitals, dispensing frontier justice rather than trying to win.

The fans followed their team’s lead. A Penguins fan poured beer on the Ovechkin and trainer Greg Smith during a stoppage in play.

The Capitals kept their eyes on the prize. They scored two goals in the third period, one from Joel Ward and an empty netter from John Carlson, to win 3-1.

I know you can’t print out GIFs and pin them to a bulletin board, but I hope the Caps remember how Pittsburgh played last week. Here’s a reminder.

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What’s Behind the Caps’ Rise in the Standings?


After Friday’s Caps’ 3-2 win over the Ducks, Adam Vingan of put out this tweet:

(If you’re not already following Adam on Twitter, please do so now.)

That’s a pretty impressive run for the Caps. Here’s each Metro team’s record from December 4 to February 6.

Team Record Points
Caps 18-5-6 42
Penguins 13-9-6 32
Islanders 15-10-1 31

A few days removed from Adam’s tweet, the Caps now sit three points behind the Islanders and two behind the Penguins. Let’s take a look, at the team level, at some of the possible underlying factors behind the Caps’ substantial gains in the standings since early December.

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Photo: @JohnCarlson74

Last night we had the pleasure of watching one of the best Super Bowls ever. The New England Patriots clinched their fourth championship after Malcolm Butler’s last-minute interception of Russell Wilson’s bizarre slant pass. As time expired, many NFL resellers shot emails to their subscribers offering official Pats championship gear.

Except FanEdge didn’t get the team right.

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Photos: Washington Caps Instagram

In random Caps celebrity news, recent call-up Steve Oleksy presented NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon with a personalized Caps jersey.

I’m not quite sure why Gordon was in in the bowels of Verizon Center this evening. Maybe it’s because the Wizards play the Spurs tonight at 7 tonight. Or maybe Alex Ovechkin is ready to take his talents to Daytona Beach and, oh great, now I’m worried.

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Photo: Brian Babineau

The Washington Capitals won the 2015 Winter Classic thanks to a last-minute Troy Brouwer goal. It felt like an important moment in Caps history and they celebrated like it was.

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Winter Classic Pregame: A Hawk-Eye’s View


It’s here, and there’s no use chirping at the other squad at this point. Except to say…we dare not say anything at the moment, actually. Other than the CSN-Chicago lady we ran into who told us how f*%#@ing cold Chicago is, we’re just not going there. That, and our contributor today actually likes DC, and so now we’re feeling like jerks to whizz all over Chicago…which is, in the end, a great city.

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The Washington Capitals released their holiday video today. The video features players from the Wizards and Caps posing, ridiculously, for Christmas cards.

Then they cut to raw footage in front of the green screen, which is great.

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Artsy. (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

Tom Wilson needs to play like Tom Wilson,” Capitals coach Barry Trotz said early this month. “If Tom Wilson starts to play like someone else, then he won’t be on the first line.”

It’s been over a month since the bellicose winger got promoted to top line duty. He was in full bloom on Thursday, agitating the Blue Jackets all night. His premiere moment of belligerence came midway through the second period when Wilson goaded James Wisniewski into taking four minutes of penalty time for attempting to disfigure Wilson’s face.

Wisniewski’s assault failed, his stick snapping upon contact with Wilson’s chin.

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