Capitals Players Go to Washington Nationals Game


Photo: @tom_wilso

Sunday afternoon, the Washington Capitals had a group outing at Nats Park to watch the Nationals take on the Miami Marlins. Tom Wilson, Brooks Orpik, Braden Holtby, Nate Schmidt, and Karl Alzner all appeared to be in attendance with children. The Caps had a private suite.

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Photo: @loshie17

Tuesday night, TJ Oshie and Karl Alzner went to the Washington Nationals game along with their wives Lauren and Mandy, both of whom are pregnant with their couples’ second children. Lauren posted a selfie that her husband TJ took on her Instagram account.

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Max Scherzer

Photo: Greg Fiume

Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer recently re-proclaimed his love for the Washington Capitals. Apparently the entire Nats team is rooting for the Caps too.

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CSN Mid-Atlantic has been sharing highlights of Alex Ovechkin’s career all season. To celebrate baseball being back, tonight’s Ovechkin Moment was from September 27, 2006, when the Russian machine threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Washington Nationals game. It is so awkward and yet so amazing.

In the clips, Ovechkin is 21-years-old and has all his teeth. He does not know how to play the baseball.

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Poll: Which Local Baseball Team Do You Root For?


Today, the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals completed their battle of the beltway series, with the Nats winning the rubber match 3-2. During the game, the Washington Post’s Scott Allen tweeted a photo of a “Go Caps” sign which I retweeted on the RMNB account. Apparently it was a Caps Fan Club outing today at Camden Yards.

It made me wonder, as a Caps fan which baseball team do you root for? Vote below, let’s test a hypothesis.

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Photo: @WashCaps

The Washington Nationals defeated the Miami Marlins, 7-5, today and made some history in the process. Bryce Harper became the youngest player to homer three times in a game since 1969, at 22 years and 202 days.

To celebrate, Harper is watching the Capitals game. And it seems like he’s wearing shoulder pads. Sure, why not?

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Alex Ovechkin is at the Nats Game and You’re Not

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.01.09 PM

From @rpchandler

The Washington Nationals are currently up 1-0 over the San Francisco Giants in game 2 of the NLDS.  I’m here in Frederick watching from my couch, but your boy and Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is at Nats Parks taking in the game. Twitter person @rpchandler tweeted the photo above.

Ovi shared video from the start of the game.

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These NBC4 Promos Lack #NatriolesMagictude


Some will say that baseball has divided the region. The Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals, who are in different leagues and don’t even play each other lest they both make the fall classic, seem to be mutually exclusive fandoms.

At least, that’s the premise of NBC 4’s latest promos. These videos, completely bereft of #NatriolesMagictude, depict a DMV split into two factions, each side leery of the other. The schism affects the playground, dog walks, even the TV room.

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Update: Shirts are still available. Get on it.

DMV sports fans are living high on the hog. The Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals have each won their divisions and are now poised for the postseason. The Orioles just finished their best season probably since 1997, and the Nats closed out the regular with a dramatic no-hitter for Jordan Zimmermann. It’s good times on both ball fields.

Yet there are those among us who say you must choose one team and hate the other. The fan police say no true fan can support both Washington and Baltimore at the same time. They say support for one team is betrayal of the other.

Nuts to that. Instead, you and I shall stand shoulder to shoulder, and we’ll don this nifty new RMNB t-shirt, and we shall say, NATRIOLES MAGICTUDE, ‘HON. 

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The Winter Classic Will Be Held at Nats Park, Duh

Stitched Panorama

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At long last we know what the venue will be for the Winter Classic on January 1st, 2015, and it’s exactly where we thought it’d be: Nationals Park! Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post broke the news on the Twitter machine.

The news ends months of uncertainty around the big game. Despite rumors of quibbling over the details, Nats Park was always the obvious choice. It’s inside the district, it’s beautiful (inspired by Baltimore’s Camden Yards!), it’s not completely falling apart, and its baseball team isn’t owned by a jerk.

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