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[There were so many people who tweeted us this story that I am giving in and writing about it.]

Nine minutes before Jay Beagle scored the only goal of game three, the New York Rangers Twitter account tweeted out a capital letter. This was an extinction-level event because the Rangers’ Twitter account had pledged to go all-lowercase to really stick it to the Capitals. Get it?

(Yes, I know it’s dumb.)

The morning after the Capitals 1-0 victory in game three, one intrepid Caps fan decided to vandalize the New York Rangers’ Wikipedia page with all-capital letters.

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Barry Trotz didn’t want to admit it earlier in the series, but there was a bonus to defeating the New York Islanders in the playoffs. If the Capitals could manage to win the series, it would end the Isles’ tenure in their barn in Uniondale, NY.

The Capitals did exactly that on Monday night, thanks to an Evgeny Kuznetsov goal with 7:18 remaining. So a few Caps fans decided to update the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum’s Wikipedia page.

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Vladimir Fedorenko

Photo credit: Vladimir Fedorenko

We get questions about Evgeny Kuznetsov on a pretty much daily basis. (Quick: Don’t expect him in DC until after 2014 Sochi Olympics.) The frequency of the questions was a bit bewildering considering how much we’ve covered the guy, but a tweet from RMNB reader and known sportsyapper @dylanwheatley83 tipped me off to something.

I checked out Kuznetsov’s wiki page, where I found this passage:

He has publically stated that he will never dawnd a Washington Capitals jersey as long as Alex Ovechkin is there. His reasons are based that Ovechkin’s work ethic may rub off on him as a bad influence.

Uhh. What?

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